Galerie is the first solo exhibition for Winemaker Laura Díaz Muñoz, whose sophisticated style and vibrant personality shine through each of the wines. The name “Galerie” honors the winemaker’s role as an artist and highlights the expressive nature of Laura’s work. She embraces New World priorities of making wine approachable, but also borrows classic European winemaking techniques to create the complexity and finesse that have become her signature.

Each label in the Galerie collection exhibits a different section of a luminous grapevine watercolor by Malia Pettit, highlighting the individuality of each wine as well as their shared parentage. Using her breath to render the vine’s branches, the artist blew the paint to move it across the page. She punctuated the delicate vine shoots with individual droplets of paint that spattered naturally with their own momentum. This elegant incorporation of physical and human intention captures the essence of Galerie—each label a distinctive expression of nature and the artist’s technique.